A school uniform gives students a sense of belonging and pride in their school. This year
we have introduced a new school uniform which we expect students to wear at all times.
We appreciate parents/carers cooperation in making sure that students are dressed
Our uniform is:-

1. Black blazer with embroidered school badge.

2. Clip on House tie.

3. Plain black skirt or trousers (jeans, skin-tight trousers, leggings, hipsters, cords, flares, cropped or combat trousers are not appropriate and should be of a length so they meet school shoes. Skirts should be of an appropriate length and design for an educational environment; not above the knee and not skin tight).

4. Plain white button-up shirt with collar (coloured T-shirts should not be visible underneath them).

5. Plain black V-Neck pullover with embroidered school badge. This is an optional item but is advised for cold weather.

6. For outdoor wear, a waterproof coat or jacket with a full length opening is encouraged to keep students warm and healthy during wet and cold weather. Coats are to be taken off as students enter the school building.

7. Leather, leather substitute or denim garments, sweatshirts, hoodies or tracksuit tops are not appropriate for school and should not be worn to, from or inside the school grounds or building.

8. Hats and caps are banned and must not be worn to, from or inside the school grounds or building. If the weather is particularly cold, an appropriate winter hat is advised to travel to and from school and if outside at break or lunchtime.

9. School shoes must be a plain black and of a smart, safe and sensible design and with no motifs/logos, coloured stitching or coloured/reflective areas. Shoes must be polishable and of a leather or mock-leather material.

10. Boots, trainers and canvas shoes are not permitted as uniform shoes and should not be worn to, from or inside the school buildings or grounds. Should weather be extreme in nature, students are permitted to wear alternatives to and from school but should bring the correct school shoes to change into once in the building.

Jewellery and Accessories:

11. Jewellery should be minimal. A maximum of two small stud earrings are allowed in each ear.

12. Nose studs, rings, bars and other facial piercings are not permitted and no other visible body piercings are allowed.

13. Rings should be limited to a maximum of one ring on each hand. If chosen to be worn, rings should be discreet and unobtrusive to aid health and safety across the site. No sovereign-style rings or rings with sharp edges are permitted.

14. There should be no visible body art.

15. For reasons of safety, bracelets, necklaces, pendants worn outside clothing and hair ornaments are not allowed.

16. Fashion belts/brightly coloured belts are not permitted.

17. Nails should be natural and of a length that is appropriate to safely accessing all lessons including subjects such as PE and technology lessons. False nails and coloured nail varnish are not allowed in school and if worn, students will be asked to remove them.

Please note: Should students chose to wear any permitted items of jewellery to school, the school takes no responsibility for any items should they be lost or stolen.


18. Hair should be cut no shorter in length than a grade 2 and this should not go above the side of the head. It can be tapered or faded at the bottom of the hair.

19. Lines and designs shaved into the hair or eyebrows are not allowed in any form.

20. Hair should be one colour only which is the natural colour – dipping ends and highlights which are a complete contrast to the natural colour is not appropriate, as are having different colours including red, blue and green within the hair.

21. Students with long hair are expected to tie it back for certain subjects for health and safety reasons.

22. If hair is deemed to be extreme in design or colour, students may be removed from their classes until such a time that their hair is made appropriate for them to fully take part again in school life.


23. If students choose to wear make-up to school it should be discreet and not overtly visible.

24. Students may wear a discreet amount of foundation or cover-up for cosmetic reasons but it should be subtly applied and match their natural skin tone.

25. Bright or clearly visible lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, blusher, contour, mascara and products to thicken/darken eyebrows should not be worn to school and students will be expected to remove them should they choose to apply them.

26. Coloured Contact Lenses are not permitted.


Much of the uniform is available through normal clothing suppliers with blazers, ties and PE kit via www.yourschoolwear.co.uk Please be aware that some shops may label some clothing as school uniform but unless it complies with our uniform requirements, particularly plain black full length straight trousers, black knee length skirts and plain black leather/leather style shoes, then it will NOT be acceptable for school.
School uniform 16-17

PE Kit

  Girls    Boys   
Blue PE polo shirt, with collar    Blue PE Polo shirt   
Girls Half Zip up Sports Top    Blue Boys sports shirt 

Navy Long Leg Sports Shorts 

  (not cycling shorts)    Navy long leg shorts 
  Trainers    Trainers   
  Football boots    Football boots   
  White short socks    White short socks   
  Blue football socks    Blue football socks   
One piece swimming costume    Swimming shorts   
  Towel    Towel   
  Optional Items:     
  Gum shield    Gum shield   
(strongly recommended for rugby)    (strongly recommended for rugby) 
Navy track suit bottoms    Navy track suit bottoms 

Examples of Acceptable and Unacceptable Uniform