Promoting Student Leadership at The Wilnecote School 2019 -20

Applications for Head Boy and Girl should be addressed to Mr Adams and be submitted in an envelope to the House Office with your name clearly marked upon it by the end of school on Monday 17th June. Students will then be shortlisted and interviewed by a range of staff in the coming weeks. Good luck!

Applications for Senior Prefects and Prefects should complete the application sheet (in form folders) and take your application to the Heads of House office in the common room by the end of Friday 21st June.

We wish to create a Junior Leadership Team in Year 11 with the following positions:
  • Head Girl
  • Head Boy
  • Deputy Head Girls x2
  • Deputy Head Boys x2
  • Senior Prefects x 5
  • Prefects

Why apply for these posts?

  • You want to make a difference through serving and working with the school community, making the experience students have at The Wilnecote School a better one.
  • You enjoy working with others to make things happen and the opportunity to develop your leadership skills through working with students and adults appeals to you.
  • You like a challenge and the opportunity to learn new skills that will aid you in later life.
  • You gain experience of applying for a position whilst reflecting on your own qualities and next steps.
  • If successful, you will hold a role of great responsibility that will strengthen applications to colleges, universities and jobs in the future.

Job Description

Head Girl, Head Boy and their Deputies

As part of the role, you will be expected to:
  • Promote student leadership by being a role model for the school and the community we serve.
  • Represent and be ambassadors for the school in a range of events including assemblies, open evenings, prize giving, meeting governors and members of the public as appropriate.
  • Actively look for ways to improve the school experience for the students who make up our community.
  • Represent Year 11 to help the school meet their needs during what is a challenging year.
  • Help manage the Prefect Team to support students and staff across the school.
  • Attend a weekly breakfast meeting from 8:00-8:25am as a member of the Junior Leadership Team to improve provision for students across the school.
Qualities that are desirable and support a strong application are:
  • A record of excellent behaviour and high attendance
  • Positive relationships with staff and students
  • Have demonstrated leadership or that you have the capacity to lead others
  • Working well under pressure, can delegate and have good time management
  • Enjoy working as part of a team and making things happen
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to the wider school during your time with us, through taking part in activities such as clubs, teams, student voice, concerts and plays.
  • The confidence to speak in front of members of the school community
  • A sense of humour and caring nature

The Process

Students interested in these positions should submit a written application explaining

  • Why you would like to undertake the position
  • What qualities and experience you have that make you suitable to hold the position
  • What difference you believe you can make to the school community.



  • 1 allocated duty per week at break time, before and after school
  • Be a role model for other students in the school
  • Support the school in ensuring students behave appropriately and are safe in and around the school site
  • Addressing poor behaviour and seeking the help of staff when needed for support
  • Support up to 2 school events during the year such as Parents Evening and Year 6 Open Evening to represent the school

Senior Prefects


  • Arrange timetables and manage their team, making sure that Prefects are turning up to duties and also supporting them should there be a problem
  • Support up to 2 school events
  • Liaise with and support the Junior Leadership Team if asked to help them with an issue