Post 16
  • What can I do when I finish Year 11 at school?
  • Do I have to get a job right away?
  • What is college, and what do you do there?
  • Where, and how, do I train to do certain jobs?
  • If you need the answers to any of the questions above (or others like it) then please keep reading.



At a Quick Glance


Post 16 Options

Further Education: Sixth Form College has more in common with the way most subjects are taught and studied in school. You will be required to focus more on exams and complete challenging written assignments for the 4 subjects that you choose to study. You will need to achieve 5 GCSE grades at 9*-4 (or equivalent) to attend.


Further Education: Vocational Courses focus on the development of knowledge and skills in a more practical manner. You will choose one subject and dedicate your time to learning about how to perform the duties in this sector as you would in a job. This pathway will specialise you in a particular field. Entry requirements vary, and there will be opportunities for you regardless of the grades you achieve.


Apprenticeships support the training and acquisition of formal qualifications whilst in employment. Time is split between working (and earning) and study at a local college or training provider. Like A-Levels, you will need to gain 5 GCSEs at 9*-4, and independently find an employer who will accept you, to proceed into an Apprenticeship opportunity.


Part-time Employment is an opportunity to earn some money, but you must be in some form of study and cannot engage in this option alone.


Foundation Learning will support those who may not have achieved the grades they needed and/or are un-sure about their longer-term plans. Note: Foundation Learning courses do not last a full school-year. A course started in September may finish by March, depending on progress achieved. Learners may wish to stay on for work experience (as some centres have their own facilities to learn crafts such as bricklaying, carpentry and beauty therapy).


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Here are some suggestions where you might like to study:-

    Landau 6th Form Tamworth
    King Edwards 6th Form Lichfield
    The Polesworth School Sixth Form
    Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School 6th Form Sutton Coldfield



The Friary School Sixth Form Lichfield






BMET Sutton Coldfield College
Birmingham Ormiston Academy
Burton and South Derbyshire College
South Staffs College Tamworth Campus
South Staffs College Rodbaston CampusSouth Staffs College Torc Campus
North Warwickshire College Hinckley