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On Wednesday the 14th November, the Art students of Year 10 travelled to Oxford to visit the Pitt Rivers archaeological museum as part of their GCSE coursework.

The students spent their time drawing from primary resources, gathering information and taking photographs of many of the artefacts the museum had to offer. Over the course of the three hours, the students browsed around the museums, manuscripts and artwork some of which dating back to the Egyptian era.

Students said:

“I really enjoyed the trip! There was so much to look at, I felt really inspired when drawing some of the objects. I especially enjoyed the variety of masks that there were, in fact, I drew one during our time there. We also got the chance to look through the gift shop and I bought postcards that will look great in my sketchbook. I feel very confident about my coursework.”

“The Pitt Rivers trip was inspirational for me because it opened my eyes to the history of art and showed me different styles to use. There was so much to draw, I loved being able to draw from such a wide variety of resources.”

Article by Lucy Taylor