A new house system was introduced in September 2016 when we became The Wilnecote School, 3 new houses were formed and our students named the new houses after Local Famous People. All students are in one of the following Houses:

  • Grazier
  • MacGregor
  • Peel

The Wilnecote School uses vertical tutoring and each House has 10 tutor groups. Each tutor group has no more than 30 students and include students from all years (Year 7 – Year 11). ‘Family’ groups are used within each tutor group and each family has 4 or 5 tutees, each family has at least one member from each year group. The family groups offer peer support, subject guidance and also personal development.

Tutor time takes place every day and is after period 2 lasting for 25 minutes. Each tutor group follow the same interactive programme with each house having an assembly each week. Assemblies are presented by the Head of House, Pastoral House Managers and SOLT in which students are introduced to a range of spiritual, moral, social and culture topics.


Grazier House

Mr Grant and Mrs Taylor welcome you to Grazier house. We are a caring, passionate and dedicated house, proud to commemorate our inspiration and famous local person, Colin Grazier.

Able Seaman Colin Grazier, was awarded the George Cross for “outstanding bravery and steadfast devotion to duty in the face of danger” which he displayed on 30 October 1942 in action in the eastern Mediterranean when capturing codebooks vital for the breaking of the German Enigma code from the sinking German submarine. Unfortunately he died in the operation but did recover valuable information allowing the code to be successfully broken. With the code broken Allied high command were able to decipher important military intelligence which help to change the outcome of the war.

Head of House – Mr Grant

Pastoral House Manager – Mrs S Taylor

House Colour – Green

Tutor Groups

CG1 – Miss Baldwin

CG2 –Miss C Ward

CG3 – Mrs Dove

CG4 – Mrs Mann

CG5 –Mrs N Clay

CG6 – Mr Mulhall

CG7 – Miss Julius

CG8 – Mrs Whiffin/Mrs Critchlow

CG9 – Mr Handford

CG10 – Mrs Ager/Mrs Mohan

Student Council Representatives

Year 7 – Ruby Hepburn & Thomas Oates

Year 8 – Ben Marsh & Megan Colloff

Year 9 – Ryan Aidney & Louise Griffiths

Year 10 – TBC

Year 11 House Captains – Calum Webb, Liv Short & Carla Randle

Assembly Day – Wednesday



MacGregor House

Welcome to MacGregor house.

Mr Herbert and Miss Dwyer would like to welcome you to MacGregor House.

MacGregor house is part of Wilnecote School’s new house system. The students voted for famous local people to lend their names to our three houses. We are very proud to be part of MacGregor house at Wilnecote School and would like to give you some information about the man himself.


Who is William MacGregor? And Why is as local hero?

William MacGregor was born on 16th May, 1848. A very godly man with immense faith devoted his life to the people of Tamworth and spent the first 10 years of his ministry visiting the poor and squalid homes where typhoid was often rampant.  He campaigned tirelessly for every home to have clean water and sanitation despite the strong opposition from the town’s wealthy inhabitants.

He welcomes children and orphans from the Tamworth Workhouse (later St. Editha’s Hospital) into his home to holiday.

On one occasion a young boy was brought before him for playing football in the road, the boy informed him that there was nowhere else to play so William MacGregor purchased a plot of land near the railway arches – Bolehall Park (now known as MacGregor Park) which he gave to the young people of the town.

In 1880 he founded the first hospital at his own expense and acted as honorary secretary for many years, his interest in the hospital never waned. He was the Chairman of the Tamworth Herald from 1906-28.

He built two churches, at Glascote and Hopwas and had the bells of St Editha’s re-cast.  He also occasionally served as a magistrate. Mr MacGregor had an abiding love of history and his concern for the proper maintenance of Tamworth Castle was deep and practical.

He was 89 years of age when he died on 26th February, 1937 at his home, Bolehall Manor, a house he had built for himself on land bordering the River Anker.  His civic life and dedicated service to the people of Tamworth spanned some 60 years, a man in advance of his time.

Head of House – Mr Herbert

Pastoral House Manager – Mrs Cook

House Colour – Red

Tutor Groups

WM1 – Mr Thomas

WM2 – Miss Turner

WM3 – Mrs Dehele

WM4 – Mrs Davies

WM5 – Mrs Dellicott

WM6 – Mr Garland

WM7 – Mrs Walkington

WM8 – Miss Neville

WM9 – Mr Mason

WM10 – Mr Hyden

Student Council Representatives

Year 7 – Jessica Collier-Smith & Rebecca Williams

Year 8 – Declan Williams & Beth Rawlings

Year 9 – Aaron Lee

Year 10 – Beth Harriot & Senna Pascoe

Year 11 House Captains – Georgina Shilling, Rebecca Taylor & Isabella Wolsey

Assembly Day – Tuesday


Peel House

In November 2016 we became The Robert Peel House, we are privileged to be named after such a significant figure in history. We have 11 tutor groups and over 250 students in our house. Below is our house information and a brief introduction to who Sir Robert Peel was and his contribution to not only Tamworth but the UK.


Who is Robert Peel?

Robert Peel is the most famous of the ‘six Robert Peels’ who lived at nearby Drayton Manor.

Robert Peel was twice Home Secretary and founded the Metropolitan Police in 1829, hence the name of ‘Bobby’ for a policeman.

Robert Peel was also Prime Minister twice and introduced reforms and precedents into the political system, which still have relevance today and he delivered his famous ‘Tamworth Manifesto’ from the window of the Town Hall in Tamworth in 1934.

Education was important to Robert and he funded the ‘Old Peel School House’ which is on Lichfield Street in Tamworth.

When Robert Peel died from a riding accident in 1850 at the age of 62, the working classes mourned a great man. Over 20 statues were erected in his memory around the country, so great was the grief shown when Peel died suddenly that a range of commemorative china and busts were produced by the ceramics industry.

After Peel died, the family fortunes declined. Today the people of Tamworth can celebrate the life and times of Robert and his family at the Peel Collection and Police Museum at Middleton Hall in Tamworth.

Head of House – Mr Simpson

Pastoral House Manager – Miss Jordan

House Colour – Yellow


Tutor Groups

RP1 – Mr Blake

RP2 – Ms Millage

RP3 – Mr Sewell

RP4 – Mr Faulds

RP5 – Mr Hill

RP6 – Mrs Abbott

RP7 – Mrs Day

RP8 – Miss Dickins

RP9 – Mrs F Critchlow

RP10 – Mrs Hamilton

RP11 – Mrs Norgate

Student Council Representatives

Year 7 – Georgia Davey & Paris Wallbank

Year 8 – Connor King-Harris & Amber Morey

Year 9 – Lewis Newton & Hannah Doyle

Year 10 – TBC

Year 11 House Captains – Ben Clarke, Annie-Mae McGhee & Holly Starr

Assembly Day – Thursday