The Wilnecote Health & Wellbeing Centre provides a therapeutic, safe space for professionals to meet students and families.

It is our intention to offer a range of services to empower young people to make informed choices about their own health and wellbeing.

Students can access support, advice and signposting on a wide range of health concerns including:

* Emotional Wellbeing

* Anger Management

* Accident Prevention

* Alcohol and Substance Misuse

* Bullying

* Contraception and Sexual Health Issues, including Relationship Education

* Healthy Lifestyle, including Healthy Weight and Physical Activity

* Child Protection

* Smoking Cessation

Services can accessed be by appointment or during drop-in sessions and young people can be assured that consultations will be on a confidential basis. However Health Professionals will always encourage and support young people to speak with a parent or another trusted adult about any sexual health concerns they have.

Confidentiality is essential in building a trusting, safe and healthy relationship between a health professional and young people. We strive to maintain confidentiality unless there is a concern that the young person or another person is at risk of harm, in which case information will be shared appropriately.

Students and families can access good quality health & wellbeing advice. Support and information is available to young people from a range of agencies such as School Nurse, Education Welfare, Counselling Services, T3 and the Local Support Team.

Young people have been involved in designing this and similar centres based at other schools in Staffordshire. Students helped identify services that should be offered and are proud of the ‘look and feel’ of our Centre.

The centre is supported by Mrs Fran Taylor, Student Support Co-ordinator, a key member of the schools pastoral team.

Student Mentor Service and Club 7

Student Mentors meet weekly at the Centre and encourage younger students to come along, join in activities and make new friends.