What is Doddle and how are your child’s teachers using it?

Each subject that your child is studying has been broken down into the key skills required for that subject. Through a variety of learning activities, including classwork, homework and assessments, the teacher will assess your child’s understanding of each skill and rate them green, amber or red. These ratings give a clear indication of how much progress they have made and highlight the weaker areas to be targeted with extra support. As the child becomes more secure in a particular skill they will move from red to amber and finally green.

Your child has a personal Doddle account and they may be set homework tasks through this. However it is important to note that these will not be the only homeworks and some subjects will use Doddle for this more than others.

How can you, as a parent, use Doddle?

Doddle automatically tracks student achievement in key skills over the course of the year, based on their start point at the beginning of Year 7/8. Doddle Parent: Progress lets you see your child’s progress in each subject. When you log in to Doddle Parent you should see a range of green, amber and red rated skills. This is entirely appropriate and, over time, you should see each skill ‘go green’.

Doddle Parent: Homework lets you see the homework your child has been set in different subjects through Doddle and the work they have submitted.


Logging in to Doddle

To log in to Doddle for the first time you will need access to an email account and a 16-digit number, please use the contact form if you dont have your 16-digit number.

We recommend that you watch a short video on how to do this at

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