Further Information

Labour Market Information (LMI)

Labour market information can help you make a good decision when you are exploring a career path, want to change jobs or move to a new place. It can help you find out what the labour market is like for that job or that city. For example, if you were interested in becoming a nurse or doctor and you move to a town where there is not a local hospital, you will have a hard time finding a job.

Labour market information tells you:

  • What jobs and skills employers are looking for?
  • Which industries are hiring and where they are located.
  • Where to find employers who are hiring.
  • What education and training you need for specific jobs.
  • Which job areas are growing in the future and other statistics?


Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire LEP (SSLEP) have identified 10 potential growth areas for the region.  It is these 10 key priority areas which will be targeted with the Careers and Enterprise Company work with schools and colleges.

Using Start to find out more about Labour Market Information

Start is a comprehensive careers education digital platform. All Students have access to Start where you can find out information about jobs, careers, industries, apprenticeships further study to name a few.

Use Start to find out even more about the job or career industry that you are interested in and what the future trends are.

For a quick review use the link for the start programme below.


Target careers also produce a list of the Top Ranked Companies for young people and information about skill shortages.