Healthy Eating

at the Wilnecote school

As a school, we encourage students to eat healthily and our catering team produce a varied menu that promotes choice, healthy lives styles and moderation.

We encourage students to use our canteen service to ensure they are eating properly and gaining a balanced diet. This supports the energy levels that are required when working hard at school and achieving academically, as well as the challenges of being a teenager as students rapidly mature physically and it is important that they get the nutrients required to sustain this.

Should students not wish to purchase food from the canteen, they are more than welcome to bring a packed lunch into school. We ask parents/carers to monitor the food choices they make and encourage a healthy diet and life style.

Students are not allowed to bring energy drinks onto the school site. If these are seen, they will be confiscated and disposed of.

Students are not allowed to leave the school site to purchase food at break or lunch time and no food that is cooked or purchased during the day should be brought onto the school site and given to students by parents, carers, couriers or other students. This ensures the health and safety of our students and also promotes and supports our stance on healthy eating to all members of our school community.

Should a student forget their packed lunch or money, this should be brought to Reception and it will be given to the student during the school day. If this is not possible, please contact Reception so we can support your child and ensure they can have something to eat whilst at school.