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School Target


Below School average.
Letter home to highlight concerns with parents

Below 92%

School sets internal school target

Continued poor attendance and/or unauthorised absences.

Referral to Local Suport Team which usually leads to formal targets and may lead to prosecution

The Local Support Team (LST) has the lead role in ensuring that the legislation in relation to a child’s school attendance is being followed.
The LST assist schools, students and parents or carers to improve school attendance in order to maximise the educational opportunities available to children. This involves working with schools, children and families, as well as with the community and other agencies in order to perform these duties.

Ensuring Children’s Rights to an Education

Most attendance problems can be resolved by talking with the school and agreeing actions to help with the problems identified. However, there are occasions when students are absent for no legitimate reason. In these situations, the school has a legal duty to ensure a student’s right to access education as outlined in the following legislation:

The Education Act 1996
The Children’s Act 1989
The Children’s Act 2004
The Crime and Disorder Act 1998
The Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003
PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) 1984
The Human Rights 1998

The Legal options that the LST is required to consider includes prosecuting for regular non-attendance and issuing Fixed Penalty Notices. In an attendance court case, the Magistrate can issue fines of up to £2500 or detain parents in prison for a maximum of three months. The Magistrate can also direct the LST to run Parenting Orders and Education Supervision Orders with families.

Education Consultation Meeting

Education consultation meetings are run by the LST at The Wilnecote School on a regular basis. In the meetings parents are invited to discuss the attendance of their child. If no legitimate reason for absence can be identified, an attendance target is set. The school and the LST will work to support parents/carers in meeting their duty to ensure their child attends school. Howerver, if the target is not achieved, a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is issued. If the FPN is not paid, the case of failure to ensure regular school attendance will be heard in a Magistrates Court.

Holidays in Term Time

Under the new legislation we are no longer able to authorise holidays during term time.

Leave of absence

This is only authorised in extenuating circumstances.

Attendance Policy Extract – Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence Request form


And finally…

The vast majority of parents do not have contact with the LST and work closely with the school if any attendance problems arise. If you have any queries in relation to attendance matters please contact your child’s Head of House.